Okay, no questions? Really? You mean you’re not even the least bit curious about the ingredients I use in my natural skin moisturizers.  You may be surprised to find out you’re already using some of them.  You may even be cooking with them.  Can we say, “Olive Oil”….Extraaaaa Virgin Olive Oil.  It’s not only good for your health, it’s also very good for your skin!

How many of you know the benefits of Olive Oil on the skin? How many benefits are there? Are you taking advantage of them?  Hmmm….


Greetings WordPress Community:

How is everyone?  I’m doing just find.  Listen – I am excited to be a part of this social network community!  I’m already finding there are so many interesting blogs to view and I see we have a multiplicity of themes going on here.  There’s everything from the arts to politics, business to travel, sports to science, and health and the environment to conservatism and contemporary views.  There’s just an array of dialogue (such as should be) and I’m looking forward to exploring this ever growing rainbow of virtual communication.

Now you’re probably wondering what brought me here when there are so many other websites I could have chosen to blog on.  Good question.  Simply put, WordPress came highly recommended and I needed a heavily populated website to discuss, promote, and advertise my natural skin care line, “Sanaa Zuri’s Skin Care Solutions, LLC.” 

That’s right; I’m the business owner, creator and developer of my own natural skin care line. My skin care products are a combination of natural and organic butters and oils designed to nourish and soothe the skin without the use of harsh chemicals and synthetic ingredients.  The only synthetic ingredients used in my products are the fragrance oils.  And you know, if it were completely up to me, the fragrance oils would be omitted, but we all know and understand the power of “consumers’ demands.” Exactly – enough said!

So with these facts being established, I hope to see a lot of you and I’m expecting great things to happen during my stay here.  I expect visitors to become friends, lurkers to become active participants, shoppers to become buyers, and buyers to become investors.  Yes, I do aim high, but why not when I refuse to see any ceilings beneath my limitless sky?

There is so much more I’d like to share with you, but I realize a good speaker is also a good listener. So any questions or comments???? Go ahead – I’m listening…